Are you attempting to figure out what necklace or chain length is perfect for you? Which lengths and styles of pendant or chain necklaces will look best on you and your neckline? Or are you just unsure where to begin when it comes to necklace lengths and types?

We understand that working out might be difficult. We also understand that getting it properly may make all the difference when it comes to making a style statement and looking put-together.

We created this useful length guide to help you determine what would work best when shopping online for pendants and necklaces. It contains a simple women’s necklace length chart in inches and centimetres, as well as instructions on how to measure for a necklace or pendant.

Even better, scroll down to uncover a handy table that will show you which necklace and pendant lengths would look best with various necklines and clothing.

Let’s get this party started…

Our necklace length table below includes the most common lengths for women’s necklaces, pendants, and chains that you’ll find online. It will give you a sense of how each length will look on a woman’s body.

But keep in mind that we’re all various shapes and sizes, so if you’re unsure, we recommend measuring in front of a mirror to determine what would work best for you (read on for tips).

As an aside, when it comes to jewellery, you should always consider what works best for you: your own sense of style, build, colouring, and so on. And we love it when folks defy jewellery ‘rules’ as they see fit!

Necklaces of the standard (or princess) length (typically 45cm or 18″) are the most popular and will work in most scenarios. This is likely to be your go-to length if you’re searching for a necklace or pendant to wear every day.

For lower-cut clothes, this length will usually sit over the neckline, or over the top of crew necked and other high-necked garments. If you wear a pendant at this length, it will form a lovely V shape around your neck, framing your face.

To get a similar appearance if you are tall or have a wider frame, use a matinee length necklace (typically 55cm or 22″)

The simplest method is to measure an existing necklace that matches you or the outfit you’re going to wear (including a chain necklace or a necklace with a pendant). A tape measure will come in handy here.

If you don’t have an existing necklace to work with, you can find out what will work for you using some string, ribbon, or a soft measuring tape.

If you perform this in front of a mirror, it will be lot easy to figure out. To have a better feel of how different lengths will sit on you, you may need a safety pin or another person to keep the ends together.

While you’re at it, why not have some fun and try on a variety of outfits? You may experiment with different necklace lengths to see what would go with each outfit and identify any gaps in your jewellery collection. For additional ideas on how to expand and improve your wardrobe and jewellery collection, see our 15 Top Jewellery Style Tips and How to Mix and Match Your Jewellery.

Finally, keep in mind that a pendant will almost always hang in a V form rather than a gentler curve. You should also consider the pendant’s length to determine where the bottom of it will rest on your body.

Knowing which necklace and chain sizes will look best on you and your clothing is a terrific approach to improve your jewellery game. To get a sense of which lengths will work best in different situations, check out our helpful necklace style table below. But don’t forget that nothing beats checking out what works in the real world in front of a mirror.